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About the project

Wildlife Guide Training Project

6º Academy for Women provided vocational training to 15 women to be able to work as Wildlife Guides. These jobs are in demand in Nepal, especially in the Chitwan region where 6º plans to run the project, as it is one of the key tourist destinations in Nepal. Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal and was established in 1973. It was granted World Heritage Site status in 1984.

The Wildlife Guide training included not only training and certification as guides but also English language classes, hospitality training, self-defence classes and a first aid course. This vocation was chosen due to the high demand for wildlife guides in the region. Also when women from the surrounding villages were asked what skills they would like to learn in order to become economically self-sufficient, becoming a wildlife guide was in the top 3 responses. Trained wildlife guides can earn enough to cover their family's household expenses and support their overall financial status. This is a big step up since the women are currently not earning any income.

The training took place over 6 months and all candidates successfully passed the local Government required exam and obtained an official permit to work as a wildlife guide. 6º will equip the successful candidates with the necessary tools including uniforms, binoculars, guide books, first aid kit and other necessary supplies to get started. 6º will now, together with local partner Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI), help the candidates find employment in hotels and lodges. The successful candidates will have to work as a wildlife guide for at least 2 years, during which time they will contribute EUR 7 per month into the 6º operated “Pay-it-Forward Fund” that will help fund the next batch of candidates.


Project Status

October 2019

All of our 16 candidates have passed their exams and received their official licenses.

15 candidates are working in hotels, lodges or as freelance wildlife guides.

1 candidate, Alina, decided to continue her studies.

4 women would like to set up their own wildlife guide office.

We will work with them on a business plan and supporting in setting up a business. In the coming period we will work with them on a business plan and support them in setting up a small business.

This project provide positive impact on a total of 75 people — our candidate and their households.

JUNE - july 2019

All our candidates successfully passed the local Government required exam and obtained an official permit to work as a wildlife guide.

March - May 2019

On the job training in hotels and lodges in the Chitwan area to gain experience as a wildlife guides.

January 2019

Our co-founder, Debbie, visited the candidates and the community stakeholders for project updates.


Second phase of the programme which includes nature guide training, first aid and self-defence classes.


Start of our wildlife guide training programme with a 45-day English course and hospitality training.

Training Programme

The 7 months process of 6° Wildlife Guide training programme

The 7 months process of 6° Wildlife Guide training programme



The objectives of this training program is to train 15 women from the Chitwan area to become certified wildlife guides and provide employment opportunities for the successful candidates. Those who start employment through the programme with commit to work as wildlife guides for at least 2 years and will contribute EUR 7 per month for the 6º operated “Pay-it-Forward” fund that will help fund the next group of candidates.

Project Partnership

6º is partnering with Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) for this project which is expected to last for a minimum of 1.5 years. The project entails selecting and interviewing candidates, raising funds, running the project on a daily basis, facilitating certification, English language and hospitality training, a first aid course, identifying potential employment opportunities, monitoring and reporting progress and providing on-going support. 

SVSI was chosen for their reputation within Nepal as a reliable partner and having strong references from other Dutch foundations who have worked with them in the past. Furthermore, 6º firmly believes in working with local reputable partners as they know the local market, culture and society the best.

Funding Needed

The first fundraising event for this project was held in The Hague, Netherlands on 1 September 2018 during the 6º Family Day where we raised EUR 7,955 (including online donations). In total, we raised EUR 10,875 to be able to train 15 women as Wildlife Guides with the support of Wilde Ganzen. The estimated training cost per candidate is approximately EUR 725.

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About Chitwan


Chitwan gets its name from 'Chitwan Valley' which is a valley between the Mahabharat and Siwalik mountain ranges, a part of the Himalaya foothills. Bharatpur is the capital of this region, the fourth largest city in Nepal.  

The Chitwan District population are predominantly agricultural workers or farmers. The region is the main producer of maize but also famous for mustard growing and the production of mustard oil. 

The region also hosts Nepal's first national park, Chitwan National Park, which is home to rare mammals like the one-horned rhino and Bengal tigers and numerous bird species including the giant hornbill.

* Source: Wikipedia


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