6° on Oma Greet

Debbie and Gita along with Ties, Milan and Rohan went on the OMA Greet Leet Night talk show to present the foundation and its activities.

Oma Greet Leet Night is a live on stage talk show which takes place in Dakota Theatre in The Hague with the focus on individuals or organisations that contribute to a better society.

6° team had the opportunity to share the purpose and activities of the foundation as well as sharing the stories of their visit to Nepal. The talk show gave 6° the opportunity to raise awareness in The Hague and ways to support their mission.

Ties and Milan were very excited and happy to share their experiences visiting Nepal on the foundation’s first research trip and the inspirations they got from that experience.

Find out more about  Oma Greet Leet Night on the official Facebook page.

6 Degrees OMA Greet 1
6 Degrees OMA Greet 2